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and Nature


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RJEC's Annual Retreat for Victims & Survivors of Human Trafficking
at Pebble Ledge Ranch

In this Project Red Cord Chronicles episode, you will meet Jackie Stevenson from Spirit of Leadership at Pebble Ledge Ranch. you will learn about the incredible annual retreat she offers to clients of RJEC. This retreat includes powerful interactions with her exceptional horses and other animals at the ranch, as well as connecting with nature through creative and empowering activities. We are grateful to our benefactors for giving our clients the chance to rediscover joy, find clarity, and the strength to move forward. This year, we celebrated our fifth year at Pebble Ledge Ranch. Don't miss this special segment on the therapeutic effects of nature and horses!



Leadership Development With Jackie Stevenson

Jackie Stevenson, the founder of Spirit of Leadership, is a renowned expert in delivering engaging, innovative, and sustainable approaches for positive change. At Spirit of Leadership, Jackie combines the wisdom of horses, the power of nature, the principles of biomimicry, and innovative design to create transformative learning experiences for leadership development, team building, and personal discovery. Through Jackie’s expertise and the unique blend of experiential learning modalities, Spirit of Leadership offers a dynamic and impactful journey towards personal and professional growth. Jackie shares her insights with MysticMag.



How Horses Can Teach Human Communication



TEDxAkron - Jackie Lowe Stevenson MSSA LISW - Live Like a Horse: Innovation Inspired by Nature

In her talk last October, Jackie explores how people experience personal rebirth through exploring the culture and community which make up horses and the mentality of the herd.



Pebble Ledge Ranch Brings People and Horses Together
for Spiritual Awakening



Spirit of Leadership Overview




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