Experiential Learning with Horses
and Nature


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Corporate, Organizations & Nonprofit

Custom Designed Organization and Business Retreats
& Training Opportunities for Leadership, Teams,
Staff & Boards

Innovating, Engaging, Sustaining Positive Change

  • Building Team Performance
  • Developing Leadership Excellence
  • Engaging Organizational Spirit
  • Inspiring Human Potential

We Deliver powerful action learning experiences with horses and nature for leadership development, team building and communication. The immediacy of the learning will help you to quickly internalize new insights and skills.

Our Approach is grounded in solid business principles, knowledge of human behavior, understanding of team dynamics and creative approaches to conflict and change.

We Provide strength based learning experiences and activities relevant to real world, real-time work situations.

Corporate, Organizational and Group Retreats

Engage your staff in our retreats


  • Leadership Live: Expanding Leadership Potential
  • Finding the Herd Within Your Team: Building Team Culture and Potential
  • Position Yourself Strategically: Managing Conflict and Change
  • Entrepreneurship: The process of Bringing ideas to Life
  • Diversity and Inclusion: The Courage to Be Our Best
  • Leadership : Belongs to Every One
  • Innovation and Engagement the Keys to Success

We can also custom design your retreat to meet your specific interests


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