Experiential Learning with Horses
and Nature


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Jackie Stevenson

I have been privileged to follow my professional interest and passion for engaging people in personal discovery and development for almost forty years.   For the last 20 years I have fully integrated into my coaching and consulting work my personal respect and passion for nature, horses, the intelligence of our bodies and experiential learning.

I bring this approach to my work and the work of my clients at a time when we struggle with the changes brought by a highly evolved technological culture and a less evolved relational culture.
My clients include a diverse population drawn from individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. I have worked with kids from the inner city, parents and  children, family businesses, professional men and women embarking on their careers, individuals challenged with demanding leadership responsibilities, teams struggling to succeed, CEO’s questioning “for the sake of what do I go to work each day."

The service I provide is unique to each client and innovative in approach, grounded in well accepted practices and based on a strength based “what’s working” and “what needs to change” perspective.  

Work is important. We all struggle  with day to day challenges trying to  earn a living and do productive work while living our dreams and destinies. We seek meaning and  identity in our work and strive for purpose in our endeavors.   Being physically, emotionally and mindfully present provides the well spring for meaningful relationships in work and the courage and creative energy to inspire greatness in individuals and their organizations.  

My commitment is to provide the context and professional service to empower the client to achieve their best purpose and to enjoy well being in service of the whole.  

Jackie Lowe Stevenson


Read more about Jackie Stevenson on the Weatherhead School of Management website at Case Western Reserve University

Jackie Stevenson