Experiential Learning with Horses
and Nature


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Date Workshop Name
June 4, 2023 Wisdom of the Generations: A Family Retreat Guided by Horses and Nature
June 7, 2023 Family Matters: Moving Forward Together (Family Business)
June 8, 2023 Awakening the Heart with Grace: Guided by Horses, Yoga and Nature
June 11,2023 The Heartfelt Nature of Creativity
September 17, 2023 Embodied Presence and Body Intelligence: A Gestalt approach to Coming to Your Senses
September 26-28, 2023 A Sacred Gathering of Wisdom: Opening ourselves to the magic & mystery of that which lies beyond
October 4-8, 2023 Experiential Learning with Horses Professional Practitioner Certificate Program
October 15, 2023 Woman's Call of the Wild: An Inner Journey, Vision Quest and Fall Retreat in Nature
November 1, 2023 Embodied Leadership Presence: Authentic Impact from the Inside Out


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