Experiential Learning with Horses
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Experiential Learning with Horses Professional Practitioner Certificate Program

October 4-8, 2023

Developing Human Potential for Positive Change for the Future of Humanity and All Life

This professional certificate program is designed for:

  • People interested in integrating and facilitating relational work with horses in their careers and personal lives.
  • People interested in strengthening personal mastery in their professional practice and personal lives by engaging with horses and nature.
  • People interested in expanding their coaching capacities; client centered active listening, quality connection, embodied language, collaboration, flexibility, grounded mindful presence, inclusion, and awareness of the field by engaging with horses and their herd. You will learn and practiceBoard Certified Coaching (BCC )and International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies.

Join the adventure with your fellow horse and human herd members for the Experiential Learning with Horses 2021 program. It is an honor, privilege, and responsibility to engage with horses and to support and guide people in their personal and professional learning, skill building and growth through experiential learning with horses and nature and coaching competence.

Bring your coaching, leadership, facilitation skills and unique talents to life with experiential learning with horses and nature activities, constellation experiences, facilitation practice and a living system approach to understanding our life’s most important questions and supporting others in their exploration.

Learning Objectives

We will

Expand mastery in facilitation as a coach, mental health practitioner, educator or other professional practice grounded in a positive, strength based, curious, flexible and client centered approach, that guides and empowers the development of human potential.

Extend and integrate coaching and other professional presence and facilitation competencies in relational work with horses and nature in support of people’s professional and personal development.

Engage with horses entering the world of horse and herd as their guests rather than bringing horses into the human world and understanding our place in the natural world as being part of nature’s living system.

Communicate effectively through active listening skills, embodied nonverbal body language, reciprocal relationships, powerful open-ended questions, and metaphor.

Understand and practice according to ethical standards of coaching and other relevant professional disciplines, expanding our personal mastery, consciousness and our own unique gift of presence and skills and with absolute care and kindness, honor, and respect.

Co-Create a professional alliance and relationship with clients based upon collaborative honored agreements, respect, honesty, trust, transparency, and positive regard.

Promote and empower client’s growth by guiding learning and facilitating client’s awareness and insights of possible next steps and actions.

Cultivate a community of purpose supporting people to learn from each other and to support each other’s personal mastery, share their passions, dream and goals and achieve their purpose.

Creating a Culture that contributes to the cultivation of human beings who are creative, adaptable, reciprocal, independent, and interdependent in both thinking and in managing one's life, and that work towards a more peaceful world with a strong concern for and dedication to the future of humanity.

How It Works

The format of the 2023 Experiential Learning with Horses Practitioner Certificate Program will be five days with a total of 35CCE hours of program time.

Each day will provide a theory base, practical horseperson skills, experiential learning with horses and nature activities, personal mastery and self-awareness learning, knowledge of core competencies of coaching and practice facilitation with nature and horses on behalf of people.

The program provides real time, action-oriented experience with hands on opportunities to apply what you learn and to receive immediate feedback from faculty, fellow participants and from the horses. We will be working with a natural herd of horses.You will have the opportunity throughout the training to practice what you learn with each other and withactual clients.

There is no riding. The focus is not on traditional horsemanship, and all horse engagement takes place on the ground. This is about the practice of relationship through creating an alliance of respect, trust, transparency, and positive regard.

Fees and Financial Commitment: $2,550 for the training program.
Dates for 2023: October 4-8
Program Times: Program meets Wednesday 3pm - 8:30pm,
Thursday 8:30am - 5pm
Friday 8:30am – 5pm
Saturday 8:00am – 6pm
Sunday 8:30am - 2pm
Application Process: Completed application form. A $250 refundable deposit is requested with your application. An interview is required by telephone or in person before acceptance to the program.
Faculty: Jackie Stevenson and the Pebble Ledge Herd of seven horses.

For registration or information contact Jackie Stevenson jacalynstevenson@gmail.com or 440-241-8605.


Six key capacities you can develop in yourself and help others develop through the Experiential Learning with Horses Certificate Program:

  1. 1) Being authentically and intentionally present, being mindful, centered, grounded, confident, and flexible while bringing that is uniquely your own gift.
  2. 2) Communicating with awareness of embodied presence and body language.
  3. 3) Paying attention to four levels of system with a 360 perspective and collective wisdom of the field.
  4. 4) Active listening from the perspective of the client and empowering and engaging the client to guide the conditions for the best possible future to emerge through the physical, earth and social bodies.
  5. 5) Holding sacred and intentional space from a positive, appreciative, curious, open, flexible and strength base approach, demonstrating ethical coaching practice in decision making and actions
  6. 6) Creating a Culture that contributes to the cultivation of human beings who are creative, adaptable, independent, and interdependent in both thinking and in managing one's life, and that work towards a more peaceful world with a strong concern for and dedication to the future of humanity.

The professional competencies you will develop as an Experiential Learning with Horses Practitioner can be applied in a variety of business, coaching, counseling and educational settings with clear boundaries and broad range applications including working with individuals, families, groups, or organizations. This certificate program is designed to prepare you in facilitating positive change with people with awareness of diversity and inclusion.

Our Intention

To create an honest, respectful, and trustworthy relationship with our clients and with horses in service of human development. To offer a premier training and certificate program furthering the work of this unfolding professional field of horses helping people and preparing its emerging practitioners. To be of service to communities by accessing what we know about horse and human relationship and bring those resources into peoples’ daily work and life. To raise consciousness of our ecological identity and ecological responsibility and to follow a path that benefits future generations.

Evening 1, Wednesday October 4
3:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Arrival: Getting Present with Yourself and the Community
- Building a community of purpose; gathering the herd. Engaging with ethical practice and authentic presence and Experiential Learning with horses and nature practices.

Day 2, Thursday October 5
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
The Power of Presence and Being Present Entering the World of Horse and Herd: Mindfulness and Awareness, Experiential Learning with horses and nature practices.
- Present while adapting quickly and resourcefully to unexpected change.

Day 3, Friday October 6
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Relationship & Leadership: Emotional Resonance Passion and PurposeCultivating the inner place from which we operate Communicating and interacting with awareness of body language
- Creating Positive Relationships: Communicating and interacting with awareness of body language and energy, inclusiveness, interdependence, and interconnection. Exploring the language of horses and the natural world. Experiencing constellations.

Day 4, Saturday, October 7
8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Herd and Group Dynamics: Body Intelligence and Intuition(Real Client Group)
- Strengthening Positive Team Performance: Developing awareness of and respect for systems thinking, multiple realities, perspectives, and levels of system with a 360 vision of the field. Group coaching experiences.

Day 5, Sunday October 8
8:30 am - 2:00 pm
Meeting the Emerging Future: Authentic Presence through the Spirit of Humanity
- Inspiring a Positive Present and Future: Listening and engaging positively and optimistically to create the conditions for the best possible and most meaningful future to emerge for the whole and then being there to greet it.

Integration of Learning and application going forward in personal and professional development.

Horses change our lives. The relationship with horses challenges us to expand into our potential, to be authentic in our human relationships, to be clearer about our purpose in life and to contribute with choice to the well- being of the world.

Learning with and from the horses we discover how to think rather than what to think. Learning with horses we can listen beyond words into the heart of the matter.

Horses Challenge Us to be Our Best. Horses are remarkable teachers of leadership and facilitators of team development. They have an amazing ability to resonate with our true emotional intelligence, offer a 360 perspective and reflect to us our authentic self. We learn from the herd to create a community of purpose, expand our humanity, create the best possible conditions for a positive future to emerge and then be there to greet it.

Inspiring Leadership and Teamwork

People partnering with horses for action-based discovery focused in the moment, learning experiences relevant to real time issues and authentic work situations.

Powerful experiential and accelerated knowledge opportunities whereby personal insight learned information and skill development is immediately internalized.

Horses can bring a high degree of chaos and unexpected change. We learn to summon moment to moment calm, strength, focus, respect, and trust to maintain a mutually safe and beneficial working relationship with the horse - all skills essential for teamwork.

Engaging with horses in focused and reflective activity challenges us to learn how to think rather than what to think. Horses offer immediate feedback about our presence, emotional intelligence, and embodied language.

Engaging free spirited horses inspires our dreams and visions, frees our passion, carries us beyond our limiting patterns and helps us reconnect with our inner knowing, our primal instincts, intuition, natural compassion.

For registration or information contact Jackie Stevenson jacalynstevenson@gmail.com or 440-241-8605.

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