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As our way to say to the U.S. Military Veterans "Thank you for your service" Military Veterans and their familes are invited to be our guests without fee to all our events.


Facilitation from the Inside Out: Six Key Gestalt Coaching, Counseling and Group Leadership Competencies You can Learn from Horses and Nature

September 25, 2020
Sponsored by the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
ICF, BCC and clinical CEU's approved


Successful facilitation, supporting positive change, depends on authentic presence, the inner quality of the awareness, attention and intention of the agent of change, and the quality of the relationship and communication with the client system. This workshop offers experiential learning focusing on six key Gestalt and four ICF principles and facilitation competencies that support the professional development of the facilitator within the coaching, therapeutic, change agent and leadership relationship.

The Gestalt and ICF approach, and experiential learning with horses and nature will be incorporated into relevant real time learning within the workshop. The workshop format includes presentation, dialogue, experiential learning, and practicum practice sessions. The venue will be in natural settings; both indoors and out in nature.

Try Something Different

Engaging with horses and nature in reflective and active learning opportunities relevant to real time life issues and authentic work situations challenges us to learn how to think rather than what to think. Interactions with horses and the powerful presence of the natural world provides immediate and direct feedback relevant to co-creating relationship, good communication and facilitated learning skills all important in facilitating the change process and essential to success in everyday work and personal life.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the applicability of Gestalt experimenting throughout the coaching conversation;
  • Enhance facilitation skills through ICF and Gestalt approach guided by horses and nature;
  • Learning to set the foundation for ethical professional practice;
  • Co-creating the relationship with the client through respect, trust and intimacy and professional presence from an ICF and Gestalt perspective;
  • Communicating effectively with the client through active listening empathy, asking powerful questions, and engaging with direct action;
  • Attending to the social relational field, four levels of system and 360 perspective through embodied presence, emotional intelligence and mindfulness;
  • Holding space for the client from a positive, appreciative, and curious and strength base approach; and
  • Facilitate learning from an ICF and Gestalt approach to creating conditions for the best possible future to emerge.

Go to www.gestaltcleveland.org/workshops-training/horses2020 for more details and registration.


Creating Resilience, Managing Stress, Regulating Emotions: Guided by the Heart of the Horse, HeartMath and Gestalt

October 2, 2020
Sponsored by the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
ICF, BCC and clinical CEU's approved


Join a kind hearted herd of horses and one courageous zebra as we integrate the science and practice of Heartmath and the theory and practice of Gestalt to be more resilient and to support the resiliency of ourselves, others and the systems in which we all operate.

Gestalt provides practices to be more aware and present with ourselves and others. Heart math enhances our ability to be more compassionate and aligned between our heart intelligence and mind intelligence, to manage self -regulation and stress and to increase resilience capacity.

Horses and Nature provide a field of clarity, coherency, and confidence as a valuable resource for cognitive, heart intelligence, embody intelligence and intuitive knowing and learning.

During this time of chaos, unexpected change, stress, and uncertainty let us come together and collectively create a robust field of coherence, compassion, courage, and confidence as we create a better world for all.

This highly experiential workshop is valuable to therapists, coaches, for personal or professional development applicable in a variety of settings.

We will be on an 80-acre horse ranch 45 minutes east of downtown Cleveland. We will be out in nature most of the day and outside in covered shelters in response to the weather.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Deepen our understanding of Gestalt Principles of sensation and awareness, mobilization and relational contact, and integration and assimilation to promote resilience.
  • Learn Heartmath principles and practices of heart coherence in service of individual and collective resilience.
  • Apply ICF competencies in facilitating a Gestalt and Heartmath coherence approach to coaching.
  • Expand coach approaches, informed by Gestalt and Heartmath to better manage stress, fear and confusion through awareness, coherence and resilience.
  • Strengthen your awareness and ability to be present, resilient and ability to be an embodied compassionate presence during chaos, stress and uncertainty guided by horses and nature.

Go to www.gestaltcleveland.org/workshops-training/resilience-2020 for more details and registration.


Experiential Learning with Horses Professional Practitioner Certificate Program

October 7-11, 2020
Pebble Ledge Ranch Novelty, Ohio 44072

Developing Human Potential for Positive Change for the Future of Humanity and All Life

This professional certificate program is designed for

  • People interested in integrating and facilitating relational work with horses in their careers and personal lives
  • People interested in strengthening personal mastery in their professional practice and personal lives by engaging with horses

Join the adventure with your fellow horse and human herd members for the Experiential Learning with Horses 2020 program. It is an honor, privilege and responsibility to engage with horses and to support people in their learning, healing and growth through experiential learning with horses.

NEW THIS YEAR: Bring your coaching, leadership, facilitation and unique talents to life with experiential learning with horses and nature activities, constellation experiences and a living system approach to understanding our life’s most important questions.

We will

  • Engage with horses entering the world of horse and herd as their guests rather than bringing horses into the human world
  • Create a community of purpose to learn from each other and to support each other’s personal mastery, visions and purpose
  • Strengthen our capacity to coach people guided by horses and nature to deliver leadership, team building & personal discovery sessions and retreats
  • Be guided by horses and nature in this process of expanding our personal mastery, consciousness and our own unique gift of presence and skills and with absolute care and kindness, honor and respect

Download the PDF brochure for more details and registration...

Weatherhead School of Management

Embodied Leadership Presence: Authentic Impact from the Inside Out

Increase your range of communication, including body language, to ensure the integrity between the message you convey and the one you intend

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
From 1pm to 5pm
Instructor: Jackie Stevenson

Offered Virtually

Our leadership presence, embodied intelligence and body language communicate much more than our words convey. Our first language is body language, and its impact is profound. Our body language sends, receives, and deciphers a myriad of nonverbal cues, signs and signals. Bringing our attention to this level of communication gives us immeasurable insight, and helps us decode the real meaning beneath spoken words to determine what is really going on with and between people. It also provides us with a deeper awareness of ourselves, allowing us to develop an authentic leadership presence. From this deeper awareness comes the ability for deep listening, solid thinking, insightful reflecting, and effective responding.

In this program, through presentation, experiential learning opportunities, and exploration of their business challenges, participants will develop a better understanding of their leadership presence, embodied intelligence and body language and learn to confidently apply that self-knowledge in all aspects of their lives.


  • What is "embodied presence" and why is it important?
  • The power of leadership presence, embodied intelligence and body language through the alignment of who you are and what you communicate
  • Understanding how we and others are perceived through the map of five archetypal body structures and ways of being
  • Effective decision making through embodied leadership presence
  • Living more deeply in the world using the senses for genuine listening and responding
  • Presence as the act of responsibly entering into meaningful dialogue, vital interactions and genuine relationship with others
  • Leadership presence as the informed decisions we make and the actions we take

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

  • Learn how to stand strong in the midst of chaos and agile in response to new ideas, diverse perspectives and unanticipated change
  • Gain insight into their embodied presence and body language to better understand the non-verbal messages they are giving and receiving
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their leadership presence, body language, body structure and embodied communication
  • Determine a more reliable outcome between what they intend to communicate and influence and what is actually received
  • Build on the strengths and explore the challenges of their personal presence to benefit in practical ways
  • Engage in resonant and meaningful dialogue through embodied presence as a way to create a desired field of collaborative and cooperative influence

Who Should Attend

This program is of value for all who have an interest in maximizing their impact as leaders in their organizations and lives.


Individual Participants: $695
Package Pricing: 1 class day per participant
Available Discounts


Please visit the Weatherhead School of Management website to register.

Continuing Education

This class is eligible for the following continuing education credits:
Ohio CPA 6 CPE

General Details and Information

HollyPartner with our gentle hearted horses and zebra within the beauty of nature for a day of personal discovery.

There is no riding the focus is on relationship - the work with the horse takes place on the ground. No Horse experience is necessary.

Time: 9:30 - 3:00
Group size: Up to 14 participants with our team of 7 horses and a zebra
Location: Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio 44072

For Registration or info e-mail jacalyn.stevenson@gmail.com or call 440-338-1752 .

  • Jackie Stevenson MSSA, Equine Guided Education Certification, European Association of Horse Assisted Education certification
  • Lisa Kayser and staff
  • and our awesome herd of seven horses and one courageous zebra--uncommon heroes for the common good--Be, Chief Silver Cloud, Bud, Spirit, Toby, Tess and Raven and Holly.

Personal and Professional Retreats at Pebble Ledge Ranch

Visit Personal or Professional Retreats at Pebble Ledge Ranch to learn more.


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